InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

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About Urbana
Since InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA and Inter-Varsity Canada’s
first Student Missions Conference in 1946, Urbana has influenced more
than 250,000 people to devote their lives to God’s global mission. Urbana’s mission is to compel this generation to give their whole lives for
God’s global mission. Participants are challenged by missions leaders, are
able to speak with hundreds of missions organizations, get to attend an
amazing selection of seminars and tracks, and study the Bible inductively
with other students listening for God’s call on their lives. For more information, visit
Urbana Onward
God calls us to go into the world as his representatives. But we need not
travel alone. Urbana Onward provides companions for the lifelong
journey into missional living. This series offers concise resources for grappling with challenging issues. Trusted authors provide biblical and practical insights for following God’s call in creative and courageous ways.
Discover a bigger picture of God’s global mission as he leads you onward.
Pursuing God’s Call by Tom Lin, 978-0-8308-3459-4
Partnering with the Global Church by Nikki A. Toyama-Szeto
and Femi B. Adeleye, 978-0-8308-3460-0
The Mission of Worship by Sandra Van Opstal, 978-0-8308-3462-4
Your Mind’s Mission by Greg Jao, 978-0-8308-3461-7
Deepening the Soul for Justice by Bethany H. Hoang, 978-0-8308-3463-1
Spiritual Warfare in Mission by Mary Anne and Jack Voelkel,
Copyright 2012. IVP Books.
All rights reserved. May not be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, except fair uses permitted under U.S. or applicable copyright law.
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AN: 637985 ; Van Opstal, Sandra.; The Mission of Worship
Account: ns232515.main.ehost

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