Interrogatories Assignment

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a. Helen Smith and Sam Jones live together in your state. They are not married and do not intend to become married. They would like to enter a contract that spells out their rights and responsibilities. Specifically, they want to make clear that the house in which they both live belongs to Helen even though Sam has done extensive remodeling work on it. They each have separate bank accounts and one joint account. They want to make clear that only the funds in the joint account belong to both of them equally. Next year they hope to have or adopt a child. In either event, they want the contract to specify that the child will be given the surname, “Smith-Jones,” a combination of their own last names. Draft a contract for them. Include any other clauses you think appropriate (e.g., on making wills, the duration of the contract, on the education and religion of children). (See General Instructions for the Agreement-Drafting Assignment in Appendix A.)
b. Tom and George are gay. They live together. George agrees to support Tom while the latter completes engineering school, at which time Tom will support George while the latter completes law school. After Tom obtains his engineering degree, he leaves George. George now sues Tom for the amount of money that would have been provided as support while George attended law school. What result? (See General Instructions for the Legal-Analysis Assignment in Appendix A.)
c. Richard and Lea have lived together for ten years without being married. This month, they separated. They never entered a formal contract, but Lea says that they had an informal understanding that they would equally divide everything acquired during their relationship together. Lea sues Richard for one-half of all property so acquired. You work for the law firm that represents Lea. Draft a set of interrogatories for Lea that will be sent to Richard in which you seek information that would be relevant to Lea’s action. (See General Instructions for the Interrogatories Assignment in Appendix A.)

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