Integrated Design Exercise

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A joist is a horizontal structural member that is used in framing to span open space. often between beams that subsequently transfers bad to vertical ,mbers. When joist is incorporated into floor homing system, joists serve to 141 of 461 wide stiffness to the subfloor sheathing, which allows it to function as a
rhontal diaphragm.
Joist can be made of wood. engineered wood. or steel. Typiccily, wood joists have the cross section of a plank with the longer faces that is positioned vertically. Engineered wood joists can have a cross section resembling the Roman capital letter “I” and these joists are called as I-joists. Steel joists can take various shapes. resembling the Roman capital letter “C”. “I”. “1”. and
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Integrated Design Exercise
loot structure.
The roof structure is a series of trusses, beams, and rafters that give the roof its shape and that the roof sheathing is lead upon. The most widely used materials for the roof structure are lumber. Warehouses and other commercial buildings may use steel in the conshuction for the roof structure.
Traditional roof can be divided into three main types of structure which are single roofs, double roofs, and bussed roofs. Modem construction methods use another type of roof structure and this known as bussed rafter roofs. 4e•
Figure 31: Types of roof structure
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Integrated Design Exercise
Metric handbook planning and design data 5th edition 2015
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