influences of any adjacent existing structures

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• First and second floors aro to contain 100% short-term car parkiv spaces • Roof level is to contain 100% long-term car parking spaces • The influences of any adjacent existing structures on the design are of sufficient distance away to be ignored. Site conditions permit open excavation method of construction Include
• Address reguirements to satisfy legislation for disabled and to meet reasonable requirements of users. State all design assumptions including: Parking bay sizes, column locations, headroom, ramps, services, drainage provision and fire protection (to be lhow minimum). Columns: advice on accidental damage protection required.
The following information is additionally given:
Permanent Dead Load All permanent dead loading is to be determined depending ort the nature and type of the structure and elements from the appropriate Eurocodes.
Variable imposed loads Car Park Structure Roofs 2.50 kN/in’ F10011 2.50 kN/nr? Roof Plant areas over cores lo.00knunv’
Snow loading – may be neglected
wind load (a) ror conreptuai design purposes only use initial dynamic pressures Itool windward side 8. kN,■■ ye) leeward 51(iP 080 104/, walk windward side kieward side (13, ot design pressure ineffirwrils to be :

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