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Individual business report – Term 2 (individual)
Week 24, students will discover on Blackboard a number of multinational enterprise case studies. They will choose two and write 1,000 words on each (+/- 10%), answering and expanding upon specific questions associated with each. This will be an opportunity to demonstrate the full range of module curriculum, with a slight emphasis on micro-level topics.
Students should recall that the prime learning outcome for second year is “problem-solving”. To fulfill this objective, the questions associated with the case studies provided will each be structured so that students can start their essays by identifying the main issues/challenges/choices/arbitrages that the multinational enterprises (MNEs) in question face, before moving on to specify a number of potential responses, with attention paid to the advantages and disadvantages associated with each.
Similarly, given the module’s underlying philosophy that there is no standard “one-best-way” optimal response to an international business problem, students will want to offer analysis of why certain remedies they suggest might be more or less appropriate for the particular MNE in question in the given situation it faces. This is an opportunity to develop analysis not only of possible corporate strategy but also higher level reflection upon decision-makers’ “psychology” (attitudes towards international risk and uncertainty, desire for control, etc.)
It will not be enough for students to simply propose possible actions without justifying them. Instead, the ideas being formulated should be rooted in the different international business debates that the module covered over the course of the year, including with reference to seminal theories in this field and to instructive examples set by other MNEs facing similar dilemmas. Towards that end, responses must include a robust amount of referencing to different readings that the student has done.

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