including text and exhibits

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Fall / Winter 2020
1. Your entire exam, including text and exhibits, must be prepared individually, in your own words,
without input or assistance from anyone else. This rule will be monitored and enforced. Serious and
lasting penalties will be issued to any student that violates this rule. A template is provided, however
you must copy and paste the content into a new document, so that you are registered as the Author.
2. Maximum report length / question length: 7 pages in total. Exhibits maybe in-bedded in the
text. There is no distinction between word / exhibit page limits. The answer to no individual
question may exceed one page.
3. All pages should be 8.5”x 11”, formatted with one-inch margins on all sides, Single-spaced, Times
New Roman, 12-pt font, in MS Word. Exhibits must also remain in inside the margins and be
prepared using the same single-space, Times New Roman, 12-pt font, in MS word with the only
exception being process flow diagrams. Any other exhibits, besides the process flow diagram must
adhere to the size, spacing and font rules. The process flow diagram must still fit within the margins.
4. Exhibits: All exhibits (With exception to the process flow diagram) must be prepared individually, in
MS word. Any screenshots or exhibits that cannot be edited in MS Word will not be accepted and can
result in a penalty. The process flow diagram is permitted to be an image inserted into the MS word
5. a. Page Penalty: Ten (10) marks (out of 100) will be deducted from the final exam grade
for any pages exceeding the stated page limit. If the exam is not formatted according to the
guidelines, instructors may choose to reformat the report and/or apply the appropriate
6. All exams must be typewritten. The document must be submitted in .docx (MS Word) format as one
single document. Use the cut and paste function to merge content from other applications if needed.
Do not copy screenshots or use images. When saving your document and submitting on OWL, ensure
your submission follows the required naming convention: your last name and your first name,
separated with an underscore, i.e. Burset_Sophia Failure to do so can result in a penalty.
7. A title page IS NOT required. The student name and student number must be clearly indicated within
the exam, (i.e. as a header)
8. Exams must be submitted electronically on OWL via the Assignment Submissions (Turnitin) tab by
11:59pm ET, Saturday, February 6, 2021. The deadline applies to all students.
a. Late Penalty: Ten (10) marks (out of 100) will be deducted from the final grade for any
submissions received after 11:59pm ET. Another ten marks will be deducted for each
additional 24-hour period after the deadline. Absolutely no extensions.
9. Plagiarism is the submission of work that is in whole or in part someone else’s work, which you claim
as your own. Students must write their exam in their own words and create their own exhibits. The
exam must be authored from an original document using a Microsoft Word account registered to the
student. Microsoft Word is available free to all students by visiting
Plagiarism is a major academic offence (see Western Scholastic Offence Policy). Collusion is the
collaboration with another or other individuals in the preparation of written work offered for credit.
Collusion is regarded like plagiarism and is a major academic offence.

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