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Write programs for the following question in Python using Object Oriented approach. Programs should write output to the Console and have input hard coded in main.
Implement a BSTVehicle ADT (by using and modifying BST pseudo code given in attachment) which will use Vehicle object for the data (use in attachment) and hide all the details of the implementation.
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Freddy Fazbear and his cast of animatronic buddies have been on the front line of web culture since we initially met them in 2014. Despite the fact that another game hasn’t turn out since December of 2017, there’s been a huge amount of new data about the eventual fate of Freddy and Friends, and we have to discuss it. Hello there, I’m [NAME] with the Channel Frederator, and I’m here to fill you in on some little known information about the widely adored animatronic bear and pizza establishment. So check all the air-vents in your home and ensure you keep your ears stripped for Foxy, as I present to you these 5 realities around Five Nights at Freddy’s that will take your breath away! Eventual fate of the Franchise Starting at this moment, the fate of the establishment is open to question. Scott Cawthon has affirmed that the principle story has been wrapped up after the arrival of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, and he will never again be a one-man group. He explicitly needed to complete this part of the arrangement himself, and turned down circumstances with a greater distributer so as to complete only it. Subsequent to discharging Pizzeria Simulator he will return to a portion of his past circumstances, which implies there is unquestionably an opportunity we will get some progressively Five Nights at Freddy’s games later on, we’re simply not so much sure when. At the hour of recording this video, there has been no more news on this front, however given the accomplishment of the establishment it appears to be more than likely that a distributer will get the IP. What’s more, don’t think about this as Cawthon selling out or anything, he’s not simply going to transfer ownership of Freddy and Co. to the most noteworthy bidder. Cawthon has said if there is ever going to be an additional Five Nights game, he would need an accomplished distributer to take a shot at it to make the game “something inconceivable” To the extent the story goes, it’s conceivable that the following game could look to the future, in a similar vein as the main novel, Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Silver Eyes, which happens 10 years after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza has been closed down. Engineers in case you’re tuning in and believe it’s an extraordinary thought, simply make certain to give Channel Frederator (or the Leaderboard) a holler in the game some place. Pizza joint Update Lamentably, we could be years from another FNAF game, and Cawthon would not simply like to leave us hanging. A few days after he made his official annnouncement that he would never again be dealing with future games, Cawthon uncovered that dependent on network input, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator would get a Custom Night update, which Cawthon is calling the Ultimate Custom Night! Get advertised! The “Custom Nights” have been a staple of Five Nights At Freddy’s games since the absolute first game was discharged in 2014. The game mode permits players complete opportunity over ongoing interaction, and gives them the choices to set custom trouble levels and include or expel animatronics from the guide. In case you’re in any way similar to us here at Channel Frederator, it implies you wrench up each setting to most extreme trouble and include each conceivable animatronic while attempting to endure every one of the 5 evenings. The Custom Nights mode offer a lot of replayability to the games, and that is not all. Notwithstanding the unlimited prospects, Custom Night likewise will in general offer minimal additional bits of legend for the establishment’s ever-curving story. On account of Pizzeria Simulator, since essentially the entirety of the last details were tied up and settled over the span of the game, Cawthon has said the Pizzeria Simulator’s Custom Night will offer new engineer journal content rather than story subtleties>

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