Implement Performance Management Systems

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SITXHRM006 Assessment 3 – Implement Performance
Management Systems
In this assessment you will;
• Implement formal performance management systems
• Complete and file performance management records
• Agree on courses of action with colleagues and follow-up in workplace
• Evaluate factors contributing to poor staff performance
• Monitor the performance of individuals and their effect on the team
• Take corrective action to enhance whole of team performance
Scenario- Sheraton Grande Mirage Resort
Remember Andrew, the Food and Beverage Operations Manager at Sheraton Grande Mirage, Port Douglas. Well after a few
set backs he has finally conducted performance reviews on all 88 hospitality staff members. Through monitoring their
performance, he has identified many issues.
Some issues could not be addressed. Remember Rachel the Cocktail barperson/ supervisor, she tried for a week or so to
work with Andrew in reaching operational expectations and goals, but decided it wasn’t really for her. She has since
moved on and obtained an apprenticeship as a hairstylist at a Cairns hair and beauty salon.
Andrew also got a bit of pushback from staff that were long standing team members. They didn’t understand the
importance of change and told Andrew that they were happy with things they way they were and didn’t think there was
anything wrong with their performance.
Other staff embraced the change of management and wanted to be an integral part of the performance appraisal
Consequently, Andrew has advertised for several positions and you have applied. Andrew calls you and has asked if he
could ask you a few questions regarding the performance review process.
Interview- Andrew discusses the implementation of performance management systems
You are required to provide a dialogue of your telephone interview, as follows:
Andrew- “have you ever been part of the performance review process in any job you have had”?
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YouAndrew- What where the factors that could cause you to contribute poorly to your work performance?
YouAndrew- What do you know about the performance management system?
YouAndrew- What are the benefits to an organisation for implementing performance management systems? We have a
performance management system at the resort. How could you participate in its success?
YouAndrew- Have you ever complete and filed performance management records? If yes, explain the process, if not, what do
you think is the objective of completing and filing such documents?
YouAndrew- If you observed a staff member with performance issues, how would you agree with them on the course of
action and follow-up in workplace?
YouAndrew- If I didn’t monitor the performance of individuals in my team, what could be the impact or effect on the team
as a whole? How could I rectify this?
YouAndrew- What and when would corrective action need to be taken to enhance a hospitality team’s performance
YouYou are to submit your report as outlined above.
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