imaginary project concept proposal

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1st assignment grades are not visible Nip mu 25/02/2021 12:50 AM —7 • • • To: Manjeet Kaur. . Dear Manjeet,
Thank you for your email.
You have obtained the grade of 0 marks out of 15 for your first written assessment because the assessment does not feature a specific, original, imaginary project concept proposal relating to your home or workplace but instead a general, superficial discussion of the refurbishment of a general workplace.
You have obviously misunderstood the requirements for the first assessment as explained countless times by me during the tutorial sessions.
Moreover, you have not included any headings in the main body of your assessment, nor have you discussed the subject matter in an appropriate sequence, nor have you have included any tables, graphs, or charts which, as I have mentioned numerous times during the tutorial sessions, must be included in the assessment.
Furthermore, your reference list of sources contains inaccuracies.
Kind regards,

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