IELTS 3 Steps Challenge Feedback

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IELTS 3 Steps Challenge FeedbackPURPOSEThe purpose of this document is ​not ​to give you the correct answer. Thereis no one ‘correct answer’ when it comes to writing an essay.The purpose is:To give you a checklist that you can apply to your own essay.To give you a model answer that was produced using the bestpractices contained on the free mini-course.NEXT STEPSApply the checklist to your own essay. Be critical of your own writing nowso that you can improve and get the score you need on test day.If you would like individual feedback (including your band score), a fullstep-by-step course, detailed guidance on your preparation, and all thehelp and support you need to pass the IELTS test, please feel free tocontact us about ​joining our VIP Course​​.If you have any questions about joining, feel free to contact me. My email is[email protected]CHECKLISTQuestion AnalysisI understood the general topic of the question.I identified the specific keywords in the question.I understood the instructions.Idea GenerationI assessed my ideas and decided they could be used to make areasonable argument that fully addresses all parts of the question.PlanningI used the structure provided to plan my essay before I startedwriting.I knew what I was going to write before I started writing.IntroductionI paraphrased the question statement effectively.My sentence means the same as the question statement.My vocabulary is varied as much as possible.My grammar is accurate.My opinion is clear.Both of my main ideas are clearly outlined.Main Body ParagraphsMy topic sentence matches the idea outlined in my introduction.My topic sentence clearly tells the reader what the paragraph isabout (my main idea).My explanation clearly explains my reasoning.My example makes sense and provides evidence to support myargument.ConclusionMy main ideas and opinion are clear and well summarised.Grammar and VocabularyI have used grammar and vocabulary in a way that makes my writingclear, rather than trying to show off.I have varied my vocabulary as much as possible.I have used a range of complex and simple sentences.I have proofread every sentence more than once.I have fixed any linguistic errors.Coherence and CohesionAll of my cohesive devices are appropriate AND accurate.I have used paragraphing sufficiently and appropriately.If you can say ‘yes, to all of the above, you have improved dramatically.Well done! See below for a sample answer from someone who also said‘yes’ to all of the above.VIP STUDENT SAMPLE ANSWERPlease note that a student produced this essay under exam conditions. It isnot perfect because there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ essay. One majorproblem many IELTS students have is looking at an essay and believing it isnot ‘good’ because they spot a small number of minor errors.Instead of ‘nitpicking’, you should look at the whole essay and ask yourselfif they did the major things properly (see above). This is what the examinerwill be looking for, so you should do the same.This student went on to get a Band 8.0 in their IELTS Writing test, and thisis an example of a ‘very good’ essay.Feel free to get in touch with us if you do not understand anything aboutthis essay. We will be happy to help you resolve any misconceptions, andthis new understanding will help you improve your own score.All children should be given a free laptop when they start high school.Do you agree or disagree?Some believe that every pupils entering secondary school should be gifteda laptop free of charge. I disagree with this because some children canafford to buy their own and the government cannot afford to do so.Those from wealthy families should not be given a complimentarycomputer. This would not be fair as this would result in money being takenaway from poorer juveniles in order to give it to people who already haveenough. If this proposed scheme was done on a means-tested basis, richkids would not get anything and this capital could be diverted to those inmore need. For example, in the United Kingdom, children whose parentsare on state benefits receive subsidised school dinners but those withworking parents do not.The state would also find it extremely difficult to finance such an initiative.The Education Department, like every other government department, hasa limited budget, and if funds were spent on laptops, they would have tobe diverted from other more worthy areas, such as staff. This would meanthat class sizes would have to increase since budget would not be availablefor teachers, or even the classrooms themselves. For instance, most classesin developed countries have more than 30 in them because of the lack ofbudget for qualified teachers and teaching assistants.In conclusion, all freshmen starting high school should not be given a freelaptop because this would not be fair on poorer students and there is notenough money for this project.

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