Identify Risk and Propose solutions

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Assessment Task 1: Identify Risks and Propose solutions
1.1    Assess the hazards/risks which may have arisen because of acquiring new stores during the expansion stage. Create a list of them. Identify inadequacies in existing risk controls, and WHS legislative requirements
For example, you may propose an administrative solution as well as PPE risk control for some risk.  
Insert your list and proposed risk control methods here.
1.2    Develop a plan to implement appropriate measures to control risk according to hierarchy of control. Propose solutions which are more reliable and cost effective and include:
•    timelines, resources and actions
•    any new procedures to be developed
•    changes to procedures
•    further communication and consultation: plan at least one meeting/training (will be conducted in 1.6) in detail to inform affected workers of changes and include strategies to provide access to information and ease of understanding
•    ongoing, regular monitoring (plan for monitoring activities, e.g. scheduled audits)
•    recordkeeping or reporting actions to assist in legislative compliance and organisational WHS performance review.
Insert your plan here.
1.3    Seek expert advice if you need on some WHS concerns raised in 1.1. (You may seek advice from your trainer on your WHS concerns). Create notes of your concerns and advice received.
Insert your notes here.
1.4    In a role-play, meet with the Wollongong Store Manager. During the meeting, you will explain and use your procedures to assess and record actions taken to control WHS risks. Discuss the expert advice you researched or received.
Insert your notes of meeting here.Assessment Task 2: Conduct a Training
Refer to the following provided information on employee skills at Wollongong store. In context of same,  
2.1 On the basis of your WHS concerns and proposed solutions in 1.1 and 1.2, develop and provide a WHS induction and training program. You may choose any one area and conduct the training.
Assessment Task 3: Draft a ReportDraft a report on evaluation of WHSMS and include the following. You must refer to the information provided at the end and compare with information provided in Assessment 2.
1.1    Measure and evaluate the WHSMS in line with the GoFuel strategic plans.
1.2    Use a system for WHS record keeping to allow identification of patterns of occupational injury and disease in the organisation, and to maintain a record of WHS decisions made, including reasons for the decision
1.3    Develop and implement improvements to the WHSMS to achieve organisational WHS objectives
1.4    Ensure compliance with the WHS legislative framework to achieve, as a minimum, WHS legal requirements

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