ICT Network Architecture Design

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Assessment Task 2 of ICTTEN611
This document is ICT Network Architecture Design Template. It is part of the supporting resources
WLAN Design Template
Summary of client needs
Provide a summary of client needs as peer the meeting including:
Business requirements i.e. the nature of the business and ICT requirements
Objectives in relation to the ICT network
Business specifications, including budget and timelines
Problems associated with current ICT network
Opportunities that will be created by the ICT network.
Provide a diagram of the proposed network design.
Hardware, software and network elements
Provide an outline of the hardware, software and network elements that will make up the design, as well as potential suppliers of, and costs of each of these elements.
Include at least two recommendations for each hardware, software and network element you recommend and associated technical specifications, as well as costs.
Outline the likely impact of the network design on the business requirements.
Traffic demands
Outline predicted current and future traffic demands and how the network will perform based on these forecasted demands.
Provide an assessment of how the proposed network design will meet required performance, including target data rate and avoiding interference and any other factors as per the meeting discussion.
Support and training
Outline the support and training requirements that will be required to ensure your design is implemented as effectively as possible.

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