Humanities Creative Project Assignment

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Humanities Creative Project Assignment
The simplest explanation of the Creative Project is that you will create an original piece of art and write a paper describing your process and thoughts about the experience.  The project will be completed in three parts:
Project Choice Paragraph – This is simply a paragraph you will submit telling me what you plan to create for the project.  This gives me an opportunity to be sure you are on the right track with your selection.  This is due the third week of class.
Project Creative Work – This is the Created Object, Exhibit or Composition. You will submit the artistic portion of your project as a file upload of a photograph (or photographs), video or other file containing images or video of your artwork.  This is the online version of bringing it in to class.  If you have created visual art, it is useful to show yourself in the image (so I know it’s not just some random image.)  If you are turning in poetry, or a story, just submit a pdf file.
Project Paper – At every step along the way, you should make notes on what you are doing, feelings you have about the project, problems you encounter, etc.  Your Final Report will incorporate all of those notes to describe your process and success.  The report should follow the Guidelines for Writing Assignments and be at least 1000 words or four pages in length.  Your paper should be turned in, as a pdf file or a word document.  Please submit this at the same time as the artwork.
If you need to change your original project idea for any reason, please feel free to change and complete a different project.  You can include the change and reasons for it in your paper.  You will have all semester to do the work, but time can get away from you, so make a choice and follow through.
The Creative Project is an opportunity for you to explore your own creativity.  You will generate an original composition or “perceptible form” such as a painting, drawing, poem, song, sculpture, photography display, dance or other such composition which represents your own concept and arrangement of materials.
To make this project an effective learning experience the creation should be new, fresh and experimental.  Therefore, the Creative Project must be:
Something you have not been trained for or previously done.
Something you are interested in exploring.
Your own work.
Accompanied by a detailed report.
A NOTE ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY OR POETRY –  For those of you who are electing to try your hand at photography, I would expect to see at least ten photos in your “exhibition”.  The photos should have some consistent stylistic or subject matter theme.  The best way to submit these is in a power point or slideshow presentation as opposed to trying to upload a dozen separate images.  For those of you who select Poetry – be sure to write at least 14-16 lines if you are doing a single poem or you can write multiple poems. 
If anyone has a question about the best way to submit their artwork, simply send me an email and we’ll work it out.
Use the following suggestions for content for the Final Report:
What did you learn about this particular kind of activity by doing it yourself?  Be specific.
Now that you have finished this creative act, how do you feel about it?  Does the creation itself have any special meaning to you?  Do you feel satisfied with your end result?  Explain your answers.
In general, do you consider yourself to be an imaginative, creative person?  Did you feel that you showed imagination and creativity in this particular activity?  Explain.  Are you motivated to try something like this again?  What, specifically are you interested in doing?
Evaluate your experience as a learning activity in studying humanities.  To what degree do you believe that it was worthwhile?  Has the doing of this project changed your view of yourself or of Humanities?
Each component of the project must be submitted on the assigned date. 
The primary emphasis for evaluation of this project will be Process.  The written expressions of that process will receive 34 points of the grade.  The actual created object or composition will receive 10 points and will be evaluated on creative effort and presentation.  This is not to suggest that the end product is not important, but to underscore the idea that a good process followed vigorously and faithfully, will produce a good product while freeing you to explore your creativity with fewer inhibitions.

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