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Semester 1, 2020 Assessment Task 3
SCENARIO 2: Stress in university students Chooseya is a first-year international student studying at university in Australia. She recently received her first semester results, which were not good, with a fail in one unit. Chooseya feels that she too stressed and not capable of completing her three-year degree program. A friend of Chooseya’s – Joanne – encourages her to pick herself up emotionally and to continue to peruse her studies. Joanne feels that failing a unit in your first semester of university can be due to many factors. Joanne decides to search for literature on how stress affects academic grades in university students, in an effort to support her friend.
Clinical question Does stress affect academic performance in university students?
Reference Frazier, P., Gabriel, A., Merians, A., & Lust, K. (2019) Understanding stress as an impediment to academic performance. Journal of American College Health, 67(6), 562-570. doi: 10.1080/07448481.2018.1499649
Reading Response Outline
The number of sentences is approximate.
Introductory sentence including the name of the author, title of the article and focus/topic of the article. (1 — 2 sentences) 2. What is the author(s) thesis (argument) (1-2 sentences) 3. A brief overview of what is discussed in the article (2-3 sentences) 4. Define any terms and concepts (1 — 2 sentences) 5. Critical analysis of the article. What evidence, examples, studies does the author discuss to support his/her thesis? (3-4 sentences) 6. Discuss information you have gathered that supports or refutes the author’s thesis. (3-4 sentences) 7. Concluding statement. (1 — 2 sentences) Include a sentence or two that pushes your argument beyond the scope of your response, bringing to light one additional point not discussed in your paper.

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