High standard academic writing Strategic Management CIS8504 Assignment 1 SCP Paradigm for Internet Service Social Identity Exerc…

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Assignment 3 AOD
High standard academic writing
Deeper super visual
page 16
history needs to be mention
not interested in internet search
read your area first
First 50 years okay for using references APA 7
SUBSTANCES 1 like aboriginal people using more drugs, provide disadvantages
Need a case study of aboriginal
What’s happening in the world needs about aboriginals to tell for good marks
Find the example and linked to research of the literature
Talk about Stolen generation of aboriginal
Historical history because their parents use so social problem is generation
Dual diagnosis –
Use word combination
Don’t use dual diagnosis word in aboriginal because they have don’t dual diagnosis problems
Key issues Mental illness
Must include present situation
Practical examples
Service description
A project
Written paper – overview 1000 words
In-depth 500 words
Analysis the topic
Case study in detail
Services provided by different agencies and what all programs they run for example, globe youth services (after dark program)
Provide examples with references

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