handle dynamically allocated memory

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1:3[1.00] [2.00)
:: 11.00] [1.. 4 2.0L
5: 112.00]
2: 310.00 412.00
4: 22.00 12.001
removing graph…
Completed leat 8.
Your implementation should handle dynamically allocated memory correctly, i.e. free all dynamically
allocated memory. To check your implementation using valorird you can type:
Snake taak test mencheck
Task 2
Your task is to implement Dijkstra’s algorithm to find the shortest path between nodes in a graph.
A test program task2 res…c is provided for you. You must not remove or edit this file in any way.
Dijkstra’s algorithm is an algorithm which is used to find the shortest path between nodes in a graph. In
this task, you will implement a function dijkstras which implements Dijkstra’s algorithm using the graph
library you developed in Task 1.
The interface for the dijkstras function is given in the graph. n file, and a skeleton implementation
and further notes are provided in the graph.c file. Your task is to complete the implementation of the
dijkstras function in graph.c. You should only edit the graph.c file, and must not edit the graph,
file. The print_tab_e function, which prints the table of shortest paths returned by your dojkstzus
function, has been implemented for you and you must not change this function.
A test program, task2_eat.c, is provided which will include your implementation of the dijkstras
function and use your implementation to find the shortest paths in an example graph. You must not edit the
file task2_test..corucility. h. To compile your implementation and the test program, type:
Snake clear taak2 test
To compile your implementation and the test program and then run the test program, type:
S tako olean lask2_tool_1
A typical output from a correctly working implementation is:
Smake taak2 test run
./task2 test 3 1:3:1 1:5:2 2:1:10 2:4:2 3:4:2
-1 -1.00
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dijkstra%27s algorithm and also the Systems and Architecture video at

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