Haier in the US: Transforming GE Appliances

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CaseStudy8: Haier in the US: Transforming GE Appliances (2018) (Case No. 319-044-PDF-ENG)
Team8 Presenting, Case Write-ups from Teams 3 and 6
Pleasemeetwithyourteamstoanalyzethecase. The study questions below are intended to help you think about key issues – please follow the case analysis guidelines.
PESTEL, Porter 5+1, Key Success Factors, Value Chain, Core Competences (Resources+Capabilities), VRIO
We have already had a case on GE Appliances where the revised strategy in 2008 was “reshoring.” After such massive investment, why did GE decide to divest this business, and to a Chinese competitor? Review the financials in Exhibit 2 in the case and evaluate the company’s performance. Why do you think Haier would pay such a premium to acquire GE Appliances significantly above what Electrolux was offering?
Today’s material introduces parenting theory and portfolio theory. How can these two theories apply in the case of Haier acquiring GE Appliances to help explain the “fit” of GE’s businesses with those of Haier and the benefits of the acquisition to both parties and how the GE businesses can/should be managed to meet or exceed expectations? Are there synergies than can be exploited?
There are obvious cultural differences between Haier and GE. What challenges existed for implementing the Rendanheyi model in the U.S. market? How did GE Appliances and Haier attempt to address those challenges? Two years after the acquisition, were they succeeding?
Assess the applicability of the Rendanheyi model to GE Appliance’s business, market, and employees. What aspects did GE Appliances apply, and how did the company adjust or shape those aspects to fit its own circumstances? What aspects did GE Appliances not apply and why?
Evaluate the FirstBuild initiative, its objectives, and its impact on GE Appliance’s new micro-enterprises. Is FirstBuild similar to the types of platforms or micro-enterprises that exist in other parts of the Haier Group or is there something different about it such that it might be worthwhile transferring learnings to Haier?
Suggest ways forward for GE Appliances and Haier. What might they do differently, and what strategies do you think should be continued?
Evaluate your Alternatives, propose recommendations, and an implementation plan.
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