Greenstar Car Wash

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Project Brief
Project ID: S22020_163
Project Title: Greenstar Car Wash
Project Overview: GreenStar Valet Car Wash is the place to take your vehicle for a comprehensive car wash and full car detail service, all done by hand. Located in Ballarat Central Vic, the business is currently using admin panel services such as square up to keep track of its customers. Existing Static Website ( ) Responsive and Dynamic Website having admin and client control maintaining the integrity along with SEO and Social media Integration (e.g. Facebook news feed and likes), accepting reviews.
• Website must be responsive • Website must be completely tested with reports for all functional requirements and Non-functional Requirements. • Careful consideration of usability issues and security of client details. • Business is happy to pay for Hosting and domain name services. Project team must research and suggest the best host with efficient response of website server.
Admin and Client Login features. • Admin can search registered Customers and give them packages of Car wash on arrival in shop. • Notify customer that car is ready to pick up after wash. • Admin can list Services/ Packages (Current services listed below) with Pics • Admin can alter Details of Packages • Customer can View History of Car Wash with Rego (For e.g. if Customer has two cars, it should detail which car was washed on what date) • Customer can update his/her profile and be able to upload profile picture. • Customer can register more than 1 car and have them washed, keeping the record in single customer profile. • History must be kept for both Admin and Client under the client profile to track loyal customers and give them offers. If a client has more than for e.g. 5 washes (number must be set by Admin overtime) in a row for the current year, Admin can give customised discount offers/vouchers.
Current Services offered • Services (Semi Detail) • Platinum • Premium • In-out wash and Vacuum • Exterior Wash

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