Graph Library and Dijkstra’s Implementation

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deadline will be disregarded. After the coursework deadline, your code will undergo further review and,
based on this review, your provisional score may go up or down. This further review will include checks for
code plagiarism and for trivial implementations e.g. implementations just containing an empty main function
or clearly not written following the task guidelines.
Graph Library and Dijkstra’s Implementation
This part of the coursework focuses on implementing a graph library using linked lists and Dijkstra’s
algorithm. There are two tasks to complete, details of which are given below. You should complete both
tasks. Links to external pages are provided in the details below which you will need to follow and read to
complete each task
In this coursework you will implement a number of library functions. For each task, an executable program
is provided which will include and use the library functions which you implement. You will not need to add
any files to your forked repository for this coursework, as all the required files are present. For each task, you
will add function implementations to certain source files in your repository. A Makefile is also provided to
build and test your library functions. All tasks will be compiled with the goe ani pedantis errors
Task 1
Your task is to implement a graph library.
A test program taskı-es-.c and graph library header filegraph.h are provided for you. You must not remove or edit these two files in any way. Details Graphs are fundamental data structures in Computer Science. They are commonly implemented using a linked list using an adjacency list” representation. You will use the implementation of a linked list provided to implement a directed graph library using adjacency lists. You do not need to implement a linked list library, as a full implementation is provided in the linked-1st.h and lin.ed_–st.c files. You must not edit these two files in any way. You should
use this implementation when implementing your graph library.
The header file which contain the interface for an implementation of a graph in C is given in the grapat:
file. This file contains the structures you will use to represent a graph, vertices, and edges. You will not need
to implement any further structures.
A skeleton implementation file graph.c which implements each of the functions declared the interface file
is also provided. Your task is to complete the implementation of the functions in graph.c. You should only

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