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(Suggested weblinks: Pages 2- 6, 5 ODT Workbook)
Your organisation (or one with which you are familiar) is going through a period of change, and you have been appointed as the project manager for a 12 month programme of Organisation Development (OD). You are asked to develop a short research paper on the main theories and principles of organisation development. This should: ▪ Explore and discuss the origins (history)of OD (Page 8, 5 ODT Workbook) , leading towards contemporary definitions (Page 9, 5 ODT Workbook), and then discuss theoretical origins such as; ideas of learning theory; psychology and behavioural science; social and organisational learning; and organisational systems theory. (Pages 10 14), 5 ODT Workbook)
▪ Analyse at least 2 of the theories, models or ideas from task 1 specifically in relation to your own organisation
(Suggested weblinks: Pages 2- 6, 5 ODT Workbook)
Having produced your short research paper on Organisational Development (5ODT Part A), you are now asked to prepare a Project Initiation Document (PID) which should be structured in the following way: Project Approach ▪ Project Purpose and summary (introduction). Include the change context and project objectives. (Pages 20-21, 5 ODT Workbook) ▪ A description of the main aspects of the organisational change, and expectations for the programme of OD activity; and an explanation of the link between the different change management approaches, and OD activity. (Pages 21-22, 5 ODT Workbook)Project Approach ▪ A justified summary of chosen approach to change management, and a description of 3 tools (e.g. focus groups) and approaches (e.g. Kotter), why they are appropriate and how they will be applied. (Pages 22-24, 5 ODT Workbook)Stakeholders ▪ This should briefly identify stakeholders, and provide a summary of their roles in relation to the project and to each other. (Pages 15 – 17, 5 ODT Workbook)Project design ▪ An overview description of the project design (phases, and tasks/ activities and deliverables). (Pages 15 – 17, 5 ODT Workbook) ▪ Explain the competencies required for stakeholder involvement relevant to the elements above. (Pages 18, 5 ODT Workbook)Project Monitoring and evaluation ▪ Identify how you will monitor and evaluate the project, to include milestones/measures (e.g KPI’s) and justified description of chosen methods for tracking and evaluation (e.g. balanced scorecard). You might also include a Gantt chart or table format plan. (Pages 24-25, 5 ODT Workbook)

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