Globalization is an emerging force

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Globalization is an emerging force in business today. Read this case study about “Globalization and The Coca-Cola Company.” In Section 3.4, the text discusses the “Top 5 Challenge Trends” and “Top 5 Solution Trends.” Select one challenge and one solution trend which you believe is most applicable to Coke’s situation today. Describe how these trends apply to Coke. In Section 3.3, read about the five building blocks of a Learning Organization. Which one of the five building blocks should Coke focus on to capitalize on the trends you selected. Why? Prepare a two-page (double-spaced) essay. Cite references, using APA format, for any material that you use in preparing the essay. Papers will be assessed using the following criteria: One challenge and one solution trend are selected Applied both trends to the firm in the case study. Selected one of the Five Building Blocks of a Learning Organization and applies it to the trend and case study firm. Writing is clear. Used appropriate grammar and writing to express ideas. References (if used) were cited properly. make sure to cite the textbook in your papers

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