Global Marketing

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Global Marketing – Wrap Up Session
Answer Five questions ONLY
Equal marks
Illustrate examples – case study and real-world examples, country manager simulations.
Q1(Chapter 15 – session 09)
Key factors influencing standardising advertising across markets? ebook – Pg.465
Global theme approach to advertising ? ebook – Pg.465
Discuss key drivers of digital ads boom? ebook – Pg.472-77
Q2 (Chapter 08/09 – session 02 & 03)
Discuss advantages and limitations of global market entry strategies? ebook – Pg.278
In relation to entry strategies identify the ownership strategies. ebook – Pg.290
What are the reasons for exit international markets? (why) ebook – Pg.263-5
Q3 (Chapter 14 – session 08)
Major factors for push and pull promotion strategies? ebook – Pg.343
What is Public Relations? How it can used? ebook – Pg.453
Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility? ebook – Pg.454
Q4(Chapter 08 – session 02)
Why do firms perceive going global? ebook – Pg.245
Standalone attractive market vs globally strategic market? Explain the difference. ebook – Pg.249-252
Criteria for screening national markets? draw your examples from country manager simulation. ebook – Pg.256-265
Q5 (Chapter 11 – session 05)
Describe how services differs from physical products? ebook – Pg.338
Discuss global brand name and global brand name strategy? ebook – Pg.345
What is social marketing? ebook – Pg.355
Q6 (Chapter 10/12/05/06 – session 04,06)
How product adaptation is done without loosing benefit of standardization? (modular approach) ebook – Pg.310
Explain why product line need to vary from country to country? (maturity curve cycle) ebook – Pg.374/162/196
What are the key features of the New Product Development process in global marketing? ebook – Pg.328
Q7 (Chapter13 – session 07)
Key Factors in influencing selection of distribution partner? ebook – Pg.408-10,12
What are the global trends in retailing? ebook – Pg.418
Suggest alterative entry strategies when the channels / markets are locked up? ebook – Pg.413,425

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