Gemba Investigation

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Gemba Investigation — start the 5 Why’s
Supplier D178 Based on the findings from the first supplier, Mary hopes to find UOM issues with the other problem suppliers. Grabbing example invoices from Supplier D178, she heads back to Gemba with her team. What they find is 3-way matching can’t take place because there are no matching receipts in the system. There are blanket PO’s in-place, but no matching receipts. This supplier provides electronic components via a consignment inventory process at the factory. Again joining with the Purchasing manager and buyer, they go to Gemba to observe the consignment process. Materials are kept in a locked cage. When materials are removed, they are scanned sending an email to the supplier to show we have taken ownership of the parts and should be invoiced.
At this point, we do not have enough info to get to root cause. We know the supplier is receiving the message, but the receipt is not showing in our ERP system. What is the next thing this team should investigate? Where should we go? Who should we talk to?

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