Game Prototype over-use of motorized transport Summative Assessment Email will be graded using these criteria Marking Rubric for…

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ITECH2001 Brief Report for Assignment Part C: Game Prototype
Report Criteria
Details (Fill in the sections below – use tab to add more rows to each section)
Prototype Link
OneDrive URL:
Self-Developed Art Assets (Art Assets you created yourself! Do not enter assets here that you downloaded)
Name (in Unity) Type of Asset Where it is used Software used to create
Downloaded Assets (Assets you downloaded online. Could be a single asset, or a package of assets)
Name (in Unity) Type of Asset Where it is used URL (link) to Original
Self-Developed C# Scripts (Scripts you created yourself! Do not enter scripts from downloaded assets here)
Script Name Object attached to Summary of what Script does
Player Actions and Trigger/Events (Examples: Space bar = jump, F = open doors, Coins = collect to
increase score)
Player Actions / Events Details of its usage
Major Changes to Game Design Document
Change Made Details of why this change occurred
Known Bugs or Limitations
Limitation or Bug Details (how did you attempt to fix it?)
Other Information
In dot point, report anything else you feel is relevant to the marker assessing your work.

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