frequency of unexpected and novel events

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The frequency of unexpected and novel events that occur in the conversion process is known as:
Which of the following is true of functional managers in successful international firms?
Network coordinators provide coordination on a regional basis that might include several countries.
Small-batch production is highly mechanized, whereas continuous-process production relies heavily on the human operator.
The goal of the sociotechnical systems approach is to design an organization for pooled interdependence.
Craft technologies are characterized by a fairly stable stream of activities, but the conversion process is not analyzable or well understood.
Sequential interdependence occurs in organizations with what Thompson called _____.
In a global product structure, the product divisions take responsibility for global operations in their specific product area.
_____ is a technology that builds objects one successive layer of material at a time.
Which of the following is a difference between functional managers and country managers?
Which of the following is true of a global matrix structure?
In a transnational company, unification and coordination are achieved primarily through formal structures and systems rather than through shared vision and values.
The transnational model is useful for large, multinational companies with subsidiaries in many countries that try to exploit both global and local advantages.
_____ is a highly ambitious quality standard that specifies a goal of no more than 3.4 defects per million parts.
Which of the following links together manufacturing components that previously stood alone?
Core technology is a department work process that is important to an organization but is not directly related to its primary mission.
Plans, schedules, and formal rules and procedures can help ensure greater communication among divisions and with headquarters.
_____ refers to the quality of collaboration across organizational units.
Juan works for a college that offers correspondence courses. She works in the mailroom department stuffing envelopes with the replies of professors to students. She then seals the envelopes and puts them in an outgoing bin and there is very little use for creativity. The department has very strict rules and the management process is not flexible. In this context, the department that Juan works for has a(n) _____ design.

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