Flavor industry

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Benzaldehyde is known in the flavor industry as bitter almond oil. It has a cherry or almond essence. It may be possible to recover it using CO2 for a portion of the processing. Explore the phase behavior of the CO2(1) + benzaldehyde(2) system, using the Peng-Robinson equation to categorize the system among the types discussed in this chapter. Experimental data are not available, so use an interaction coefficient kij = 0.1, which has been fitted to the CO2-benzene system. Calculate P-x-y diagrams at 295 K and 323 K. Also determine T-x-y diagrams at 34.5 bar and 206.9 bar. Note that 34.5 bar is below the critical pressure of both substances. If a bubble calculation fails, try a dew, and vice versa.

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