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FINPLN 4187 COMPREHENSIVE CASE ANALYSIS DUE 5:00 pm 12/11/2018 (email)
Websites permissible for research: NO OTHER WEBSITES ARE PERMISSABLE! a. b. c. Google to search, but may not go to any links found. d. Spilker textbook, class PowerPoint slides, and class notes. e. MUST cite all sources (if you find something on Google, copy and past the link on the last page of your final)
Attach a tax return using the 2017 forms (2018 not available) but working with 2018 tax laws. It is your team’s responsibility to gather and fill out all of the tax forms necessary to complete this assignment. You should prepare a 2nd return with your final suggestions in ADDITION to the first (original return).
Be sure to justify your answers to parts 2-4, without solid, responsible reasoning very little points will be given. Additionally, all work must be shown and all forms used must be emailed in a packet along with the typed answers to questions 2-4. Calculations can be handwritten and scanned on a sheet of paper. PLEASE MAKE SURE I CAN READ YOUR HANDWRITING AND FOLLOW YOUR SEQUENCES.
Grammar, punctuation, critical thinking, and presentation count! This is supposed to be a professional proposal given to a paying client.
Any sharing of answers or working with others outside of your team will be considered cheating and will result in a 0 for your work and that of your teammates and a possible F for the course. This includes group me texts, google share dots, etc.
Once you are satisfied with your exam answers you will email me ONE copy with all team members cc’d on the email. I will grade the exams and email your grades and feed back to all members on the team via a reply to the original email. Please send this email through the MU system and NOT through canvas. (medrh7(
Each team member will send a separate email with the team participation points and summary of the case(s) course. (Counts towards 50% of your “class work and participation points).
Failure to follow all of the above rules (including citing your references) and procedures will result in a 0 score for the case and possible failure for the course if other websites are used beyond the three allowed.

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