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Dr Sonila Gkorou
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Date: 18/1/21
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Assessment Criteria
Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:
The coursework is designed to apply regression and valuation techniques to practice.  
Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:
1. Develop and apply standard statistical methodology to make investment decisions, particularly under conditions of uncertainty;  2 Examine the use of fundamental analysis in making investment decisions, particularly under conditions of uncertainty;  3. Evaluate and apply relevant equity and asset valuation models for various stakeholder groups;  4. Analyse and evaluate evidence to aid sound investment judgments using standard statistical techniques;  5. Analyse and evaluate investment decisions using fundamental analysis;  6. Examine the use of appropriate valuation models to value equities and other assets.
Feedback /Marking criteria for this Assignment
Performance will be assessed using HBS Grading Criteria and Mark scheme.Guidance for improvement will be given in writing on the Assessment Feedback Form or on the StudyNet Feedback Form within 4 weeks of submission. For each day or part day up to five days after the published deadline, coursework relating to modules submitted late will have the numeric grade reduced by 10 grade points until or unless the numeric grade reaches 40 for levels 4, 5 and 6 or 50 for level 7 (PG).  If a submission is more than 5 working days after the published deadline, a grade of zero will be awarded. Where the numeric grade awarded for the assessment is less than 40 for level 4, 5 and 6, or 50 for level 7, no lateness penalty will be applied;
Detailed Brief for Individual Assessment
Assignment Title: Statistical and Valuation Analyst Report Description of the assignment: The assignment is designed in two parts. In Part A you are required to prepare an analysis on three given determinants of stock returns. Each student will be assigned a UK plc to value (in other words a company listed in London stock exchange). In Part B you are required to justify a choice of one equity valuation model you will use in order to value the stock of the particular company. Reports should not exceed 2,500 words excluding tables/figures and references. Run a regression analysis for your assigned company (see attached excel file) where the dependent variable is your assigned company’s monthly closing price for the last 10 years (120 months) period and the three independent variables are i) FTSE 100 index closing values for the same period, ii) the volume of shares traded of the assigned company during that period and iii) the closing price of a major competitor of the assigned company for the same period. The major competitor company is left on your judgement to select, but a brief explanation and justification should be mentioned. You will be marked on the following tasks: Run the regression analysis and interpret the results. Identify any possible violations of regression assumptions and any possible model misspecifications and provide/discuss ways how these can be corrected. Notice: Do not correct for violations or misspecifications.Evaluate your choice of equity valuation model you will use to value the stock of your assigned company and the necessary assumptions. Value the stock.   Specific instructions: Prepare a report covering all tasks. (please see report guidance file) The report should not exceed 2,500 words. Use font Arial size 11 and 1.5 line and paragraph spacing. Perform your own calculations and analysis based on raw data. Do not borrow the analysis from other sources. You are required to upload an excel file with your data and calculations separately from your report. The final work (analyst report, data and spread-sheet analysis) should be submitted on Canvas until the May 10, 2021 at 19:00. Your report might be structured as follows:   1. Title Page      2. Table of Contents (Tells the reader where everything is) 3. Introduction (Tells the reader what they will find in the report)  4. Discussion & Analysis      4.1. Regression Analysis       4.2. Equity valuation 5. Conclusion and recommendations 6. References   Title Page should include: Title of the report, SID number, Submission Date, Module Name and Number, and Word Count. Do not write your name! You can use sub-sections of the above based on the marking scheme below. Your work should include relevant research, appropriately sourced and referenced using Harvard referencing format. (see the file on Harvard referencing requirements of the university) You can use a variety of resources ranging from academic journals, textbooks, financial web sites, etc. Do not use non-academic sources such as wikipedia, investopedia, etc. Useful financial web sites:  Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, BBC Business, Yahoo Finance, Hargreaves Lansdowne, etc.   Marking & Feedback Criteria                                                             Assignment  Weighting : 50%     Criteria Weight     % Introduction Tells the reader what they will find in the report   5% Regression Analysis Interpretation of the resultsIdentification of violations and model misspecificationsProvide/discuss possible ways of correction.     40% Equity valuation models Evaluate equity valuation model you will use.Value the stock     40% Conclusion and recommendations : Accurate summary of the results of the analysis.     5% Presentation and referencing : Sourcing and referencing of information in Harvard format.Presentation of report, sentence construction, grammar and use of paragraphs.     10%                                                                 Total  Marks   100%           
Student Support and Guidance For further help, contact your module leader in their drop-in hours or by email.Use the Grading Criteria and Mark Scheme to help improve your work.Go to CASE workshops, use the CASE website and drop-in hours Academic English for Business support is available through daily drop-ins from the CASE office.  See the CASE workshop timetable on the CASE main website page for details. Make full use of Library search to identify relevant academic material and the ‘Subject Toolkit for Business’ which contains links to other Information Databases and the Information Management contact details. (  Some tutors allow students to test their work using Turnitin.  Guidance on submission to Turnitin via StudyNet can be found by using the following link.$FILE/TURNITIN+FOR+STUDENTS+2016+USER+GUIDE.pdf

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