Finance and Investment Management

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Assessment Brief – Level Five Undergraduate
Northumbria University NEWCASTLE
Programme: BA (lions) Finance and Investment Management Module Code: AF5007 Module Title: Personal Finance and Wealth Planning — Component 2 Distributed on: Week 1 Semester 2 Submission Time and Date: To be submitted by 12 noon on (TBC). Word Limit: N/A Weighting This component accounts for [ 60 1% of the total mark for this module Submission of Assessment It is your responsibility to ensure that your assignment arrives before the submission deadline stated above. See the University policy on late submission of work (the relevant extract is set out below). Please note that assignments are subject to anonymous marking. Electronic Management of Assessment (EMA): Please note if your assignment is submitted electronically it will be submitted online via Turnitin by the given deadline. You will find a Turnitin link on the module’s eLP site.
Instructions on Assessment:
The Windsor Family
Background Alastair and Wendy Windsor live in the North East of England. They own a house valued at around £270,000 and this is a beneficial joint tenancy.’ They have been married for 18 years and have had no children together. Alastair has one 24 year-old son, Harry, from a previous relationship. Alastair is 56 and in good health. He married at 21 but divorced at 35, after which he met Wendy. He had a clean-break settlement and his ex-wife has no claim on his finances.
Alastair’s mother and father are still alive and live 10 miles away in their own property. Alastair’s father is in his mid-eighties and has cancer, although this is in remission. He used to have a very active lifestyle and was heavily involved in a local walking group. Alastair’s grandfather lived until he was well into his nineties. Alastair’s 79 year-old mother is currently in reasonable health but is a smoker and has recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Alastair’s parents own a house in Newcastle currently valued at £200,000 and would like to leave this to Alastair and his brother Anthony. Anthony emigrated to the Australia some years ago and has Australian citizenship. Alastair is aware that any future care
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