failure to cite and reference sources

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Know that writing must be error free. Mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar, and failure to cite and reference sources tend to make your writing incomprehensible.
Put all thoughts in your own words. I want to know what you understand: tell me your understanding of the case questions.
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It is widely said that global economies are now facing an age of deflation. What are the common deflationary forces in global economies? Has the US experienced deflation in recent times?
Ina Food has been successful for 55 years of continuous revenue and profit growth. Nevertheless, the Japanese economy has been stagnant do to inflation. If Japan can overcome deflation, Ina could do much better. How can Japan overcome deflation?
Tsukakoshi decided to raise prices during a period of deflation. What if he had lowered them as so many companies were doing in this environment? What would have happened?

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