Exam Instruction

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Exam Instruction
Step 1
Complete the attached consent form and loads it in the VUC Drop Box Called “Rules and recording consent form”. This form need to be completed before sitting the exam. Also this form is available in the VUC folder called “Exam Instructions & Consent Form”
Step 2
Exam paper will be available in the VU Collaborate Learning Space folder called “Final Exam Paper Sem 1Tri 2020”. You can access to the exam paper during the schedule time only.
Step 3
Once the exam paper is released you can download the paper on your computer and save the file in the following format
Student I.D. followed by First name Surname
For Example: s4623457 John Smith
Step 4;
Once you completed the exam load the file in the VUC Dropbox named as “Final Exam Script 2020”. Each one of you obtains the confirmation receipt as evidence that you have loaded successfully. Automatically VUC Dropbox will shut down at the end of the exam. So it is very important all of you need to load the answer script on time before the end. You will not load the answer script after this shutdown.
Step 5:
Once you completed the process you can leave.

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