Evolution of The Weird in Literature, Film, & Culture

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Dr. Jeremy StrongENGL 1400: Evolution of The Weird in Literature, Film, & CultureEssay # 3 (Take-Home)Argument Essay – primary texts and secondary texts (criticism)1250 Words / Value: 25%Due: Monday, August 9th, 2021, by 6pm [submitted on Moodle] *No ExtensionsInstructions:To the best of your ability, respond to only one of the prompts posed below in an organizedand carefully written argument essay. Your essay should have a stylistic introduction including aclear argumentative thesis statement, a conclusion, and 3 body paragraphs (5 totalparagraphs). Your argument should be logical and convincing, relying on direct quotation fromthe texts, podcasts, or films, and also demonstrating your understanding of the course themeor concepts you are writing about.For this essay you must consult 1 critical source and incorporate the relevant idea or ideas intoyour essay. Critical sources can relate directly to the texts or topics you are writing about, butdo not have to, as long as indirect sources are incorporated logically into your work. Criticalsources should enhance or supplement your own work and do not take the place of it. All ideasfrom chosen critical sources need to be carefully cited in MLA style just as the course materialsdo. You must use the University of Manitoba library digital resources (whenever possible) tofind critical sources, or the folder I provide on Moodle. You should watch the tutorial I haveuploaded to the google drive for information about how to find critical sources.Question Options:1. Write an essay comparing David Lynch’s Eraserhead to any two other texts we have studied.Which of the three most challenges ideas of “normal” appropriate social thinking andbehaviour? Why or how? For this answer you should consult a minimum of 1 critical source.2. Write an essay exploring allegorical meaning in Eraserhead, “Replacements”, and “TheDissection”. What are the broad symbolic meanings of the three, and which is most powerful?Consult a minimum of 1 critical source.3. In the introduction to our course text, the editors claim: “the Weird often exists in theinterstices” (XVI). Write an essay comparing the use of liminality as a concept in “The DunwichHorror”, and any two course materials of your choice. Which of the three most disturbinglypresents the weird using liminal space? Consult at least 1 critical source.4. Write an essay comparing any three podcast episodes. This can include episodes you wereassigned for homework, or bonus episodes offered on Moodle. Which of the three episodesconnects most closely with features of the weird genre and why? Consult a minimum of 1critical source, preferably a source relating to the genre of the weird.5. Write a comparative argument about monstrosity in “The Dunwich Horror”, The MothmanProphecies, and any other text or film. Which of the three features the most frightening orunique monster? (you can consider powers, presence, attributes, characteristics, words,actions, symbolism or any other defining feature of each of these monsters). Consult aminimum of 1 critical source.6. Compare the personalities of three characters. Select a different character from any twocourse materials and one from David Lynch’s Eraserhead. Explore the extent to which eachpersonality is unique. Which one of the three personalities is the most disturbing (thereforethe weirdest) and why? Consult a minimum of 1 critical source.7. Write an essay comparing the use of the uncanny in George R. R. Martin’s “Sandkings” andany other two works we have studied this semester. For this essay, you should consult SigmundFreud’s essay “the uncanny” as your critical source (see the essay I posted on Moodle). Whichof the three uses the uncanny most effectively to destabilize readers/viewers the most? Forthis answer you should work with three primary texts and 1 critical source.8. Write an essay about dreams in “The Discovery of Telenapota”, Eraserhead, and TheMothman Prophecies. Which of the three uses the concept of the dream more effectively toconvey the weird? Consult a minimum of 1 critical source.9. Compare the main message or meaning of “White Rabbits”, and any other two course textsof your choice. Explore the differences between the messages in order to answer: which of thethree delivers a more meaningful message to readers/viewers? Why? Consult a minimum of 1critical source.10. Come up with your own essay topic in which you comparatively analyze and argue aboutany three course texts and use 1 critical source. Your topic should connect to our course theme,and you must consult with me about your thesis statement no later than Sunday August 1st.*PLEASE REMEMBER: A full draft of Essay # 3 must be submitted by your last day of class foryou to receive credit for Drafting Assignment # 3 (DA3). This draft should be a minimum of 750words long, and have some work done in each of the major paragraphs. The draft does nothave to be fully formatted or be stylistically perfect.Your responses are graded with three main considerations in mind:1). That you are answering the question directly, clearly, and in complete and grammaticallysound sentences, using a thesis statement and organized essay structure.2). That you are working directly with the text or texts related to the question (this couldinclude its language, images, characters, plot, main ideas or more complex elements likesymbolism or other literary devices). Because this is a take-home essay, I am expectingsustained development of ideas, sound logic, attention to detail, and writing that is bothstylistic and carefully edited.3). That you logically connect the secondary criticism you have found to your argument, andaccurately follow proper MLA protocol to document both primary and secondary texts.Submitting your essay:Essays must be submitted in MLA style (as discussed in class and outlined on Moodle), and mustbe submitted on Moodle before Monday, August 9th, 2021, by 6pm. There will be a “SUBMITESSAY#3” button on our Moodle course page, but it will not be available after the deadline andno late submissions will be allowed.No Extensions:I have already extended the due date for the final essay as long as possible, and so will not begranting any further extensions for the final essay.*I will not accept emailed assignments. You must follow the submission instructions above, noexceptions.

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