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Evaluation: Although having different schedules, al group members made an effOrt to attend thet important meeting Our first improsSion ww well received as the relationship between SmileTrain and T. Crov..diunders only proyessed ever since the meeting.
However, I nOtioed an ongoing habrt to carry out task as quickly as poSsible, resulting detenoration of the quality of work Although grOuP Oferwed dueSlOes for . meetIng. the rushed approach caused the questions to be unclear and unfOCuSed Thus. I had to prO0fread and change the questions, iesIncling the group’s efficiency and flow.
Analysis: Looking back at the efforts I put into ths proiect. specifically this meeting, I realise that the most significant motivational faCtor for mo self -actualisation (Maslow, .31. The highest level in MaslowS hierarchy of needs refers to “being the best you can be” tHoang, 2014, Meeting with a representative from a globally known charity to help children in need. encouraged me to gNe my full effort and nothing less. However, by being too self. locused. I chd not cfirect mysell to motivate others. T. multi-level motivational model below postulates that strong team performance is requaed before individual empowered motivation (Chen et al., 2009) Therefore. I would have to establish a mutual dnving force lor the team first. to stem a lop-down effect produong prevalent. immediate. and powon ul” (Klein and Kozlowski, 2000. Mathieu and Taylor 2007, personal incentNes for others to comnbute even mom.

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