Evaluation of the Barbados Capital Market

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“An Evaluation of the Barbados Capital Market as an Alternative to Bank Finance”. Requesting questions to be used in the questionnaire Emphasis is to be on the local capital market and local bank financing. Marking Criteria Problem formulation: 10% Context and justification of the research area; development and formulation of clear aims and objectives; scope and boundaries of the research project Literature review: 20% Selective and critical appraisal of relevant academic and/or practitioner literature; identification of appropriate frameworks, theories and models Research approach: 20% Methodological perspectives and appropriate methods of data collection; awareness of strengths and limitations of the chosen methods; practical detail of research design and execution; ethical considerations Analysis and inferences: 25% Robust and meaningful analysis of the data; interpretation of the findings in relation to literature, frameworks and theory; appropriate arguments and inferences based on the findings Conclusions, recommendations and reflections: 20% Concise summary and implications for theory and practice; clear indication of how the project meets its stated aims and objectives; personal and professional reflections; potential limitations and avenues for further research Presentation: 5% Logical, well-structured and clearly presented; appropriate and consistent referencing The project is to consist of chapters devoted to: An introduction to the project and its context. A selective, in-depth literature review. Methodology and methods: research design and data collection. Data analysis linked to the literature and frameworks. Final write-up – conclusions, recommendations and reflections. I will need a list of the literature that will be used, so that it can be submitted to my Supervisor. I am still awaiting feedback from my research proposal which is attached

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