evaluate and appraise evidence in healthcare research

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This assessment enables students to demonstrate their ability to evaluate and appraise evidence in healthcare research, an essential component of evidence-based practice and the exercise of clinical judgement in the delivery of quality healthcare. Students will use a critical appraisal tool and other supporting references to appraise and interpret the sections and methodological quality of a research article including how well the evidence may be applied in evidence-based practice.
Students are required to conduct an evaluation of one journal article in an essay format. The article may be the selected one used in Assessment 2 Article Summary task. Alternatively, you may choose to select an article of your choice from the range of research articles supplied for the previous Assessment 2 assignment.
This task requires using one of the critical appraisal tools supplied from a link below. Choose an appraisal tool that fits the chosen article to evaluation.
• CASP. (n.d.). CASP Checklists. Retrieved from fittpsJigspiAk.ntticaspjlgols-checklists/ • Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine (CEBM). (2014). Critical Appraisal Tools. Retrieved from https://www.cebm.net/201416jcritical-appraisalf • Equator Network.(n.d.). Reporting guidelines for main study types. Retrievedfrom httn. / RA/ iv prii.tnr-nphArrirk nro/

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