engineering problem and relation to theme

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Assignment 2: Report – Outline:
cover page (this entire submission covers P4)
table of contents
list of tables and figures
repeat statement of engineering problem and relation to theme (maintainability)
preliminary research (20 secondary sources of which 10 are specifically related and 10 are broadly related, literature review)
Progress Reports and Project Diary (mandatory tracking Gantt charts and non-mandatory logbooks) P3. Explore alternative methods to monitor and meet project milestones (PERT, critical path and Gantt charts). M2
Project execution phase for acquisition of primary sources – questionnaire design and method of analysis. If the dissertation is purely based on analysing archival data, then you may name the chapter ‘Procedure of data gathering’.
Analysis of the results. If the dissertation is based on appraising previous work, then you may name it ‘Analysis of secondary data’ or ‘Critical appraisal of previous work’. This section shall contain ‘convincing arguments’ and ‘critical analysis and evaluation techniques.’ Compare the primary research to the secondary research. M3
Summary and conclusions.
Critically analyse the project outcomes making recommendations for further development, or further studies. D3
Critically evaluate the success of the project plan making recommendations for improvements. Use a Reflective Log to critically evaluate your own behaviours while working on the project in terms of ethics, health and safety and professional standards of behaviour, see attached template in Moodle. D2

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