engaged and feel more invested in their work

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Employees who are adequately motivated to perform will be more productive, more engaged and feel more invested in their work. When employees feel these things, it helps them, and therefore their managers, be more successful. It is a manager’s job to motivate employees to do their jobs well!” Lawrie Mullins. “It is a widely accepted notion that motivation is a primary driver of behaviour. Human motivation theory describes motivation as affectively laden anticipations of desired situations that guide human behaviours toward these situations” (McClelland, 1985). There are a number of key motivational theorists (as discussed in lectures). You are required to prepare a report for submission in week 8. The report should include the following factors: 1. An in depth explanation of two motivational theorists of your choice. (20 marks) 2. An assessment of the techniques used to implement each of these theories to a real life organization of your choice (40 marks) ​ 3. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the implementation of these theories at these organisations (This evaluation of effectiveness of the implementation could include any of the elements below ): • Evaluating the degree to which the company has
employee satisfaction. • The decrease of employee turnover.​(20 marks) 4. Prepare a range of recommendations as to how the implementation of these techniques could be improved in the future at your chosen organisation. ( 20 marks)

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