Energy saving

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Most houses have vents that open and close manually without any central control.
Cities across the United States advise the use of such vents in an effort to save
energy. In most cases, household occupants do not use the entire house at the same
time; the tendency is to use certain rooms for long periods of time. For example,
the family room and dining room may be used heavily, while the living room and
kitchen are used at certain hours of the day. To cool or heat a room, the vent system
must work to cool or heat the entire house. Energy saving can be enhanced if the
vents of unused rooms are closed; this will push the hot/cold air to where it is
needed most and reduce the load of the conditioning system. Develop an objective
tree to clarify the need statement and prioritize the objectives laid out in the problem
statement. You may add features that may not be listed clearly in the problem
statement but will give an additional advantage to the proposed design.

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