Electronic Poster Assignment

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Electronic Poster Assignment
 present information about pathophysiology for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
 Will need typed narrative and PICTURES. Present the major concepts on er and er should be able to stand alone without audio recording. Use Up to Date, and two research journal articles (within the past 5 years).
Include the following in your poster:
Introduction (Subheading): Typed narrative
Background/introduction of the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Highlight some crucial points about the pathophysiology
Prevalence, prognosis, mortality rates, and possible complications if not treated
Etiology and Diagnostics (Subheading): Use typed narrative
Common causes and risk factors
Address family, social history, and environmental factors. 
Report common screening, plasma/serum tests, or diagnostics anticipated.
 Pathophysiology (Subheading): Use Narrative and Pictures
Pathophogenesis and Manifestations
Use pictures to depict the pathophysiology.
Depiction of the disease process and manifestation/s
If a picture is from a journal article or near the picture states copyright etc…provide citation and reference of the source.

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Address two other systems that are affected or may be affected by the disease/disorder

Treatment (Subheading): Use typed narrative or bullet points.
Non-pharmacological interventions and expected results
Pharmacological interventions and expected results
Conclusion (Subheading): Use typed narrative
Implication for the role you are seeking (nurse or doctor)
References (Subheading): Use typed narrative or bullet points
Major references (1- 4) depending on size constraint

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