EET 2350 Assignment 1

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EET 2350 Assignment 1
Student #:
Problem 1: 5 points
What types of programming languages do we have? Please list the type names and
show some programming languages for each type.
Problem 2: 5 points
Please define to compile. Does compile mean the code works?
Problem 3: 10 points
What are the basic components in C code?
Please indicate the corresponding components in the following code.
Problem 4: 10 points
How many bytes does a float and double number use on the disk? How many bits
does an int number use on the disk?
Problem 5: 20 points
How to determine the range and precision of float and double number in C? Also,
what are the ranges and precisions for float and double number?
Problem 6: 10 points
Which name of the variables are wrong? Why?
abc 123 _underscore ?name name_3 4name auto
Problem 7 (code): 40 points
Write a program to implement the comparisons of three integer numbers by
conditional operator. Please ask the user to input random three integers. Then display
the minimum, middle, and maximum number in one line. Also, please calculate and
display the sum and the average value (save 2 digits after decimal point) of these
three integers. Please write the comments line by line. Otherwise, you will not have
any point without comments. Do not forget save the screen snap of the results after
running the code.
Note: Paste your code and the screen snap of the running results here. Please use the
conditional comparator to solve problem 7. If you use if statement, you will not
get any point. Please watch this video if you do not know how to download your
code from the REPL website.
Canvas submission:
Please submit your report (PDF) and compress your codes into a “.zip” file.
Please submit your report alongside the zip file.
What needs to be included in your report:
1.Screenshotsof the results you get after running each program.
2.Copy and paste your code. And write comments for each function.
3.Please write a short analysis of each problem, mainly explaining how you think
about the design of the function, what troubles you encountered during the design
process, and how you finally solved them, etc.
What needs to be included in your “.zip” file:
Your C programming code (.c file) for each problem.

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