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ECON6000 Assessment 2 Report – T2 2020
Word limit: 2,500 words
Due date: End of Week 10 (Module 5) – Sunday 11:59pm (AEST)
Weighting: 40%
Report guidelines. Please read the instructions carefully and then answer the questions.

Cover page – ensure you include your name, student number and word count.
Table of Contents (use the Word automatically generated table of contents).
Body of report with answers to each question, including headings for each question and part of
question: executive summary (250 words); macroeconomic performance and social impact
(1,500 words); conclusions and recommendation (750 words).
References: when you use another person’s wording or another person’s idea, statistical data or
any other information taken from any other source, you need to include an in-text citation and
then provide the full reference in the Reference List. Torren’s online referencing guide:
Ensure that your report contains a minimum of 15 academic references (standard government
websites are accepted; blogs may not be used to support your answer).
Use APA 6 reference style.
Use a minimum 11 point font.
Use page numbers.
Appendices (only if required).

The weight on the marks is evenly distributed, but we mark according to the rubric, which is:

Knowledge and understanding of the core areas of macroeconomics (30%)
Critical reasoning, defence of argument and clear display of understanding of relevant
macroeconomic concepts (25%)
Analysis and Application (25%)
Quality of the answers with application of new macroeconomic concepts (10%)
Managing time and purpose of the assessment (10%)

Table of Contents
Ensure you use the Word automatic table of contents with style guides. Guide to constructing a
Table of Contents:
Guide to using heading styles:
Page numbers
Page numbering starts after the table of contents (i.e. page 1 will contain your first answer).
You should not have a page number on your covering page.
Your table of contents page should have the roman numeral “i”.
Guide to page numbering:
ECON6000 Assessment 2 Report – T2 2020
You are an independent economic consultant. The Commonwealth Government of Australia has
asked for your recommendations that will help prevent an economic slowdown as a consequence to
COVID-19 quarantine restrictions.
You are required to assess the performance of the Australian economy and compare with the
economic profile of another country. Your report should incorporate the most recent data. You can
obtain the required data from the sources mentioned below.
Primary data sources:
(a) Australian Bureau of Statistics
(b) Reserve Bank of Australia
(c) Multinational agencies (e.g. the World Bank, the United Nations, the International Monetary
Fund, or the OECD).
Report Structure
Executive summary (250 words): (5 marks)
This section should focus on the essential findings and your key recommendations.
Macroeconomic performance and social impact (1,500 words): (25 marks)
a) Assess the overall performance of the Australian economy by providing a detailed discussion on
the relevant macroeconomic indicators. Highlight how the development of Australian economy
has been affected. Explain how long it will take for the Australian economy to recover. You must
use the relevant statistical data, graphs or diagrams to support your arguments (10 marks)
b) Choose your home country (or a country of your choice) for this section. Compare and contrast
how Australia and your home country have applied macroeconomic policies to minimise the
negative impact of COVID-19 on their economies. How effective has it been? Your focus must be
on the steps taken by the TWO countries to manage the economic activities and not to control
the spread of COVID19 (15 marks)
Conclusions and Recommendation (750 words): (10 marks)
What are your recommendations to ensure that these macroeconomic policy measures work
successfully for Australia? Discuss any recommendations that could help revive the Australian
economy as quickly as possible.
End of Assignment

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