Due to the impacts of COVID-19

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Final Exam information
Posted on: Wednesday, 12 May 2021 9:51:44 AM AEST
Dear Students
Due to the impacts of COVID-19, your end of session exs will now be offered in an online format.
Your online exam:
• Is scheduled for Friday 4 June, 2021 during this time 12:00pm to 16:10pm (AEST).
• Includes an extra 60 minutes due to the change in delivery format.
• Will assess the same learning outcomes as the original exam.
• Is an open book exam, where the use of study resources such as textbooks and tutorial materials are permitted.
• Will be submitted through Turnitin, hence academic standards of referencing and originality are mandatory.
• Will need to be in MS Word format. Please ensure you have access to MS Word in advance.
• Will be accessed through the unit MySCU learning site on the day of your exam via the Exam link in Assessment Tasks and Submission on the unit MySCU learning site.
• You will have 4 hours and 10 minutes in total to

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