Developing Enterprise Systems

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Developing Enterprise Systems
Research Report
MITS5502 Research Report
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The purpose of assessment is to assess students on the following Learning Outcomes:
LO2: Structure Web Tier & Application Components by identifying the most appropriate
structural pattern.
LO3: Implement data access/persistence mechanisms including implementing enterprisegrade transactions in traditional as well as non-SQL data environments.
LO4: Carry out research on emerging tools and use expert knowledge gained to choose the
right developmental strategy and tools to implement enterprise solutions without
compromising prudent design principles.
This assessment expects the student to submit a critique report on a research article
related to Enterprise applications and its current trend technologies. This assessment is designed
to improve student presentation skills and to give students experience in researching a topic and
writing a report/Critique report relevant to the Unit of Study subject matter. The research articles
would be tasked to explore further research trends relevant to the unit content. As further
research findings the unit lecturer may supplement or substitute these to keep the research
delivery current and updated.
For this component you will prepare a report/critique on an academic paper related to
Enterprise Systems or Enterprises systems technologies, etc. The paper you select must be
directly relevant to one of these major topics. The paper can be from any academic conference or
other relevant Journal or online sources such as Google Scholar, Academic department
repositories etc. The topic and the related paper need not be later than 2013-14. The selected
paper title with their URL may be uploaded on discussions in Moodle for other students as a
reference and to avoid duplicity. Few papers as an example are listed below:
Weichhart, Georg, et al. “Challenges and current developments for sensing, smart and
Research Report
Weightage: 10%
Submission deadline: Session 9
MITS5502 Research Report
Copyright © 2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 3
sustainable enterprise systems.” Computers in Industry 79 (2016): 34-46.
Panetto, Hervé, et al. “New perspectives for the future interoperable enterprise systems.”
Computers in Industry 79 (2016): 47-63.
Dorantes, Carlos‐Alberto, et al. “The effect of enterprise systems implementation on the
firm information environment.” Contemporary Accounting Research 30.4 (2013): 1427-
Note: popular magazine articles, web sites and blogs are not academic sources.
General Instructions
1. All students must select a different paper. The paper must be approved by your instructor
or tutor before proceeding. In case two students are wanting to report on the same paper,
the first who emails the instructor with their choice will be allocated that paper (provided
it is acceptable).
2. Your writing should be clear and concise and be in your own words.
3. The report must be in the range of 1,500-2,500 words in length excluding references.
4. The referencing style must follow the IEEE referencing style.
Report Writing Guidelines
1. The principal sentence or two of your report need to contain the author’s proposal, or
focal idea, expressed in your own words.
2. Cite the reference paper to highlight original author’s contribution. Do not repeat
sentences from the article.
3. Identify the main argument or research question of the article. Mention the main aspects
of the work in your own words
4. Discuss the methodology (tools/methods) used to derive to the conclusion. However, the
methodology used need not be discussed in detail (only the main idea).
5. Write the conclusion derived by the user by the article. Do not forget to mention the
research question/ argument of the author to effectively conclude the paper.
MITS5502 Research Report
Copyright © 2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 4
6. Make sure your summary covers the main objective, research question, the
conclusions/results, and how those results were achieved.
Submission Guidelines
• Follow the links in Moodle to upload your report on or before the deadline. The report
must be submitted on the LMS in the respective link i.e. MITS5502 Research report –
• The student should upload the file in the respective links on time on/before the due date
set by the lecturer in the due week.
• Late penalty applies on late submission, 10% per day would be deducted.
• Incidence of plagiarism will be penalized.
Marking Guide: 50 Marks (scale to 10%)
Rubrics for MITS5502 Research Report
Proper selection
of the title
Selection of the title related to the unit and in context with
the requirement
zation of the
The structure of the report is logical and student. The report
is well organized, has a clear introduction, body and
Clear and succinct summary with highlights and major key
points of the paper are mentioned in the introduction.
Clear understanding of the author’s interpretation and
implication of the results. Strength and weaknesses related
to the article are addressed properly.
Grammar and
spelling check
The student has almost no grammatical errors or typos.
Clear and explicit arguments with appropriate conclusion of
MITS5502 Research Report
Copyright © 2021 VIT, All Rights Reserved. 5
the report

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