Developing & Changing Practce

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Assessment Informaton/Brief updated Nov 2011
Assessment Informaton/Brief 2021
Module title Developing & Changing Practce
CRN 41368 (September 2019 cohort)
Level 5
Assessment ttle Presentaton of a Proposed Change in Practce
Weightng within module This assessment is worth 100% of the overall module mark.
Submission deadline date and
Submission date: 2nd July 2021
Presentation Dates: 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th July 2021
You will be allocated your date and tme at the
commencement of the module.
Module Leader/Assessment set by
Karen Morgan – Module Leader
Tel: 07773 532674
Room 3.19, Floor 3, Mary Seacole Building
How to submit
Slides, including reference list to be uploaded into the submission area in the module
Blackboard site, no later than Friday 2nd July at 9am.
The uploaded presentaton will then be presented by the student on either 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th
July 2021. Non-submission on Friday 2nd July at 9am, will result in the student being unable to
present on their allocated day.
Students with a Reasonable Adjustment Plan in place, please note – Late Submission is not
applicable for this assessment.
Assessment task details and instructons
You should prepare a 20-minute presentaton, ready to present on the allocated date and tme.
Your presentaton will be aimed at a group of senior managers suggestng how an area of
practce could be developed and demonstratng your change idea.
Your presentaton must represent a new development/change and not be something you have
already partcipated in.
Assessment Informaton/Brief updated Nov 2011
To meet the assessment criteria, you will need to address the following in your presentaton:
• Identfy an area of practce relevant to the nursing associate which could be developed or
changed. For example: altering visitng tmes, ideas to improve communicaton with
• Design a presentaton explaining how practce could be developed in this area.
• Your presentaton should make clear why this change/development has been proposed
• Use at least three pieces of evidence which underpins the proposed change/development.
These should be identfed within the presentaton.
• The presentaton should include critcal analysis of the identfed evidence you have
• The presentaton should include a clear plan for how the proposed change/development
could be completed.
• You should include recognised quality improvement or change models in your
• The presentaton should include a critcal discussion about potental opportunites and
barriers to your proposal.
You will be expected to use a range of robust, academic literature to support your discussion and
these will be included within a reference list at the end of your presentaton.
Referencing must follow the University’s Referencing Guide: APA 6th (Harvard) Style.
IMPORTANT NOTE – The proposed change is not a research project; it is a PROPOSAL ONLY for
the purpose of academic assessment. Therefore, ethical approval is not required. However, the
proposed change should stll reflect ethical and professional standards for practce.
The presentaton will be marked using the presentaton level 5 grade descriptors as follows:
• Knowledge and understanding, applicaton of theory to subject area demonstrated in the
• Presentaton / key skills and ability to critcally analyse and appraise demonstrated
throughout the presentaton
• Structure, logical progression of ideas and assessment criteria met throughout the
• Use of current relevant evidence around the subject area demonstrated in the
• Referencing accuracy in text/ lists/ synopsis using UoS referencing guide demonstrated in
the presentaton
For the presentaton each student will be allocated a date and tme. The assessment will take
place online using collaborate ultra on blackboard.
Assessment Informaton/Brief updated Nov 2011
The University of Salford Examinaton Rules state: ‘It is the candidates’ responsibility to ensure
that they know the correct date, tme and locaton of all their examinatons’ (p.1). Further
informaton on Examinaton Rules can be found here:
The student needs to familiarise themselves with these examinaton rules
By sitng the assessment, the student is declaring they are ft to take the exam. The student will
not be able to submit personal mitgatng circumstances later. If the student feels unwell at any
point during the assessment, they are to alert the examiner.
Students are required to atend their presentaton on tme. Students will be made aware of the
collaborate ultra room link at least a week before the assessment.
The university rules stpulate that students will not be allowed to enter examinaton rooms afer
the examinaton has been in progress for 40 minutes BUT because the assessment is less than 30
minutes in total students will be allowed to enter within the frst 30 minutes of the tmeslot but
will only be given any remaining tme lef.
It is important that your assessor can hear and see you throughout your assessment.
Therefore, you will need a good Wi-Fi connecton, working camera and microphone. You will
have the opportunity to test this before the assessment.
However, if you do experience WI-FI or connecton issues at the start of your assessment the
assessor will take the following acton:
1. Allow you the maximum amount of tme within your assessment appointment to problem
solve the issue. (E.g. trying different device)
2. If there is not enough tme to complete your assessment, or if you cannot solve the
problem- the assessor will provide you a new assessment appointment the following working
If you experience WI-FI issues during your assessment the assessor will take the following
1. Pause the tmer and allow you the maximum amount of tme in the assessment
appointment to solve the issues and restart the assessment from the point at which the issue
2. If there is not enough tme to complete the remainder of the assessment or if you cannot
solve the problem you will be given a new assessment appointment on the following working
If you have completed less than 50% of your assessment you will restart your assessment
from the beginning If you have completed more than 50% of your assessment, you will be
given the remainder of your allocated tme to fnish your assessment the next working day.
Assessment Informaton/Brief updated Nov 2011
If you are completng your assessment the following working day, we will discuss optons with
you to avoid any computer issues , but if the same issues are experienced , you will be
requested to complete your assessment at the next submission period.
It is expected that students who have a support plan and require additonal tme during their
presentaton to inform the Module Lead at the beginning of the module.
Further informaton on Academic Regulatons can be accessed here:
Tips for assessment preparaton
• Read the assessment brief to ensure you are familiar with the requirement of the
• Atend the formatve assessment and drop-in sessions that are on the tmetable
• Access the learning materials on developing a presentaton
• Start work on your presentaton early
• Practce entering collaborate ultra rooms before the assessment and practce your
presentaton in this space, so you become familiar with the process before the
• Ensure that your laptop / computer/device has a camera functon as the examiner will
need to see you, that your microphone works, and you have access to internet/wif.
• Practce saying your presentaton out loud. It really helps you become more familiar with
the content and delivery and in turn helps reduce nerves and promotes confdence on
the day
• Time yourself when you practce, try not to talk too quickly. Do not rush your
presentaton on the day, know in advance how long it will take you.
• Seek support form Skills for learning htps:// and htps:// or the Module Lead / module team.
On the day- expectatons
You will deliver your presentaton using collaborate ultra. You will enter the online assessment
room at the allocated tme.
In the collaborate ultra room you will to see the examiner; you may also see the internal and or
external moderator. The moderator is not there to assess you, their role is to ensure that the
marking is undertaken at the appropriate academic level in a fair and consistent manner.
In additon, you may also see a representatve from our employer partners or a service user and
carer representatve. They are there to observe and will not be involved in the marking, but they
may ask a queston at the end.
Assessment Informaton/Brief updated Nov 2011
The presentaton you will use will be the one that you previously uploaded to Blackboard. As the
presentaton will be a PDF dynamic text and links will not work. You will be allowed to use notes
pages or prompt cards when presentng. Your examiner will give you verbal instructons regarding
startng your presentaton. At the end of the presentaton there will be tme for 2 questons and
answers. Afer this your examiner will ask you to leave the room as your assessment is over.
The assessment will be recorded for internal and external moderaton purposes.
Assessed intended learning outcomes
On successful completon of this assessment, the student will be able to:
Knowledge and Understanding
1. Apply critcal analytcal skills in a research/audit/service improvement context working within
an ethical framework
2. Contribute effectvely to audit procedures, research, development and innovaton in the
delivery of evidence-based practce
3. Contribute to planning, management and optmisaton of resources to improve services and
promote equity in access to services having investgated their own working practces and
identfy areas for change/development
Transferable/Key Skills and other Atributes
1. Manage self-directed learning
2. Develop IT literacy skills
3. Manage tme and competng deadlines
4. Develop presentaton skills
Word count/ duraton (if applicable)
The presentaton should be 20 minutes in duraton, with up to 5 minutes tme for two questons
at the end to clarify any points. The two questons will be asked by the examiner and the employer
partner or service user and carer. 30 minutes are allocated per student allowing for the student
to set slides up and clarify any technical questons.
Student who have a RAP will have the presentaton altered as per their plan if it relates to
Feedback arrangements
Feedback and results will be available via Blackboard on Friday 23rd July 2021
Formatve feedback will be provided in the formatve support sessions and group drop-in
session as tmetabled.
Assessment Informaton/Brief updated Nov 2011
Support arrangements
Students can obtain support for this assessment by contactng the module team or module
leader and atending the formatve tmetable session. There is also a group drop-in support
session and examples of previous presentatons on Blackboard which can be accessed.
The University offers a range of support services for students through askUS.
Good Academic Conduct and Academic Misconduct
Students are expected to learn and demonstrate skills associated with good academic conduct
(academic integrity). Good academic conduct includes the use of clear and correct referencing
of source materials. Here is a link to where you can fnd out more about the skills which
students require htp://
Academic Misconduct is an acton which may give you an unfair advantage in your academic
work. This includes plagiarism, asking someone else to write your assessment for you or
taking notes into an exam. The University takes all forms of academic misconduct seriously.
You can fnd out how to avoid academic misconduct here htps://
Assessment Informaton
If you have any questons about assessment rules, you can fnd out more here.
Personal Mitgatng Circumstances
If personal mitgatng circumstances may have affected your ability to complete this assessment,
you can fnd more informaton about personal mitgatng circumstances procedure here.
Personal Tutor/Student Progression Administrator
If you have any concerns about your studies, contact your Clinical Educator or your Student
Progression Administrator. Neil Williams
Assessment Criteria
Please see the module blackboard site assessment informaton for marking criteria of the
In Year Retrieval Scheme
Your assessment is not eligible for in year retrieval. If you are eligible for this scheme you will be
contacted shortly afer the feedback deadline
Assessment Informaton/Brief updated Nov 2011
If you are not successful in your assessment, and are eligible for reassessment, you will be
required to re-submit your presentaton on 25.08.2021, no later than 4pm via Blackboard. The
presentaton re-submission will be on 26.08.2021.
The re-assessment will be the same as for frst submission.
Students are strongly advised to see the module leader for support and guidance in preparing
for the re-submission.

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