develop a leadership action plan

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For this last segment to your project, you will develop a leadership action plan. In at least 3 pages, you will:
Describe the activities you will undertake over each of the following: next month, quarter, one year, and three years to improve and maximize your role as a leader.
If you are currently in a formal leadership position, what will you do to get better at it?
If you are currently in a formal non-leadership position, how will you seek opportunities to lead?
In what ways will you ensure that your leadership decisions are objective and reflect the just treatment of others?
As a leader, how will you promote teamwork and motivate your employees to actively contribute to projects and offer suggestions for solving problems?
Your submitted assignment should be 3-4 pages and include correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. I would like atleast 3 citations from the chapters and 3 citations from outside sources

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