develop a blockchain application

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4.1 Instructions
The aims of this coursework is to build a data model of a blockchain application. The
coursework is to be completed:
• as an Individual
4.2 Introduction
You are to develop a blockchain application to a problem specification designed by
you. Be aware of chosing trival problem specifications, since whilst they are easy
to develop for solutions for, they do not have the complexity to exhibit the technical
requirements to match some of the assessment criteria.
This part of the coursework is for data modelling and will form a the data model for
coursework 2. Getting this correct is an important and incremental step.
A suggested plan for this coursework is as follows:
Write problem specificaiton and its suitability for a blockchain application
Model participants, assets and Transactions
Code Participants, Assets and Transactions
Get Formative Feedback and comment your code
Make any modifications and submit
Inbox – Mdi – Mail
Zoom Meeting

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