Data mining functionalities

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Given the 5 Data mining functionalities:
Association: it’s the connection between two objects.
Classification: if you’re a bank manager, you have to classify customers then only you can able to take decision whether I give the loan or not, if your customer is an expert rate you have to think twice before giving the loan if he’s Bahraini and from government job then it’s a guarantee that definitely he will get the money and we’ll able to get back the money.
Clustering: grouping similar objects. For example, in this class I can able to group the people based on their gender (male/female), so then I can say boys go to as one group and girls you can go as another group so it means grouping the people. when we talk about clustering there’s one more technical term also included in clustering is outlier that means: the objects with which are not belongs to any groups. For example, if I can able to cluster the people based on gender (male/female) but very fractional people and those are not belonging to any other group both male or female, those people we can call them outliers we mean the trans genders.
prediction: it’s about predicting the future based on our past experience.
Given also data mining definition: the process of extracting or mining knowledge from the larger amount of data base.
Q: what are the areas the data mining can be useful in it? I need 5 application areas and, in each area, you have to explain: 1) how data mining will be useful in it and 2) relate with the application areas the data mining functionalities and 3) to say in what way the functionality will be helpful for us in each application area.
HINT(for example let us say in the education sector, how the data mining is useful in the education sector? In education will be useful for me to predict (prediction) the students performanceso here as we can see we relate one functionality of data mining, also I have to mention in what basis I can predict the student performance? Based on test1,test2 results and from their assignments, attendance, behaviours…etc. so the data mining will be helpful for us to predict the students performance, why we have to predict it because I need to solve this problem that’s why I need this kind of predictions so by this way data mining will be helpful for me in the education sector)

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