Data Driven Decisions for Business

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MSc Management
Data Driven Decisions for Business
Coursework Assessment Brief
Submission mode: Turnitin online access
1. General Assessment Guidance
 Your summative assessment for this module is made up of this Coursework submission which
accounts for 100% of the marks
 Please note late submissions will not be marked.
 You are required to submit all elements of your assessment via Turnitin online access. Only
submissions made via the specified mode will be accepted and hard copies or any other digital
form of submissions (like via email or pen drive etc.) will not be accepted.
 For coursework, the submission word limit is 1,050 words. You must comply with the word count
guidelines. You may submit LESS than 1,050 words but not more
 Do not put your name or contact details anywhere on your submission. You should only put
your student registration number (SRN) which will ensure your submission is recognised in the
marking process.
 A total of 100 marks are available for this module assessment, and you are required to achieve
minimum 50% to pass this module.
 You are required to use only Harvard Referencing System in your submission. Any content which
is already published by other author(s) and is not referenced will be considered as a case of
You can find further information on Harvard Referencing in the online library on the VLE. You can
use the following link to access this information:
 BPP University has a strict policy regarding authenticity of assessments. In proven instances of
plagiarism or collusion, severe punishment will be imposed on offenders. You are advised to
read the rules and regulations regarding plagiarism and collusion in the GARs and MOPP which
are available on VLE in the Academic registry section.
 You should include a completed copy of the Assignment Cover sheet. Any submission without
this completed Assignment Cover sheet may be considered invalid and not marked.
2. Assessment Brief
2.1. Scenario
You have recently been employed as a data analyst in a consultancy called Wood From the
Trees (WFTT). The consultancy was established 10 years ago and specialises in helping
companies that don’t have the skills to analyse data to support business decisions. WFTT
have successfully established a strong reputation and they are now working with
internationally recognised brands.
As WFFTs expands they continue to bring in new employee’s. The recruitment strategy is to
employ less experienced people and give them the support and development they need to
succeed in the company. They like recruits to have a broad management experience and not
be specialist analysts because they offer more commercially viable recommendations.
As part of the approach to introducing you to how the company works WFFT have asked you
to complete a number of initial tasks to ensure that you have a grounded knowledge and
understanding of the company. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your capability and
give them the confidence to let you run your own project in the future. The responses to
requests detailed below should be included in a summary Word report that you save and
submit in a PDF file.
2.2. Formative
Week 1
1. Summarise the key changes and trends that are leading to the increased importance of
data analysis in companies
250 words. 10 Marks
Week 2
WFTT have recently taken on a new client – they are mid sized high end luxury international
jewellery chain called Bangles. The first phase of the project for Bangles is to understand the
performance of the company. To do this you have been asked to define the data request to
be sent to Bangles. A data request is a table that lists the data you would like Bangles to
send and which will then be used for the analysis. As an example – the data request is
expected to include sales by key category by month by market (e.g United Kingdom)
2. Produce a summary table which describes the data and the business function within
Bangles that you expect to be responsible for providing this data. Your line manager has
indicated that they expect you to cover both financial and non financial data and at least
6 different types of data be requested (for example sales, profit)
250 words. 10 Marks
Week 3
Bangles has provided an extract of data – which your line manager has made available to
you in a spreadsheet (see separate Excel file). You have been asked to complete an initial
review of the data and to create relevant descriptive statistics
3. Highlight any issues you can see in the data – and describe how you identified them.
Justify what you will do to resolve each issue that you identify
150 words. 10 marks
4. Create the following statistics
A. Total volume and sales value by month
B. Average prices per month by category and total
C. Total volume and sales by category and total by year and by quarter
D. Year on year volume, sales value and average price by category and total
Include a summary table of C and D in your report
20 marks
Week 4
A key step in any project that your company delivers is to take the data and present it back to
the client in a visual form. Your line manager has asked you to complete this work
5. Using the descriptive statistics that you have calculated in your answer to part (4) create
up to 4 charts to visualise the data and copy these charts into the submission. You need
to have at least 1 example of the following types of chart
a. At least one of your charts needs to use a secondary axis (e.g. the chart needs to
have a line and bar shown on separate axes)
b. A stacked bar chart
30 marks
6. Include a short commentary for each chart that explains what is being presented, why it
matters and highlights any follow up questions you think are relevant
400 words. 20 marks

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