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This assessment requires you to research/evaluate two (2) current trends in Early Childhood Education and Care that will support and improve your own work practices. From the list of current trends below or ones you have chosen, identify which areas you may require further research to support and enhance your own work practices.
Current trends may include:
Integration of Technology into the learning environment 

Play based learning 

Key Educator 

Supporting children with challenging behaviour or another additional need.

Once you have chosen your two topics use the Research Plan template from the Supporting Resources section of MyPortal and explain for each trend/topic how you: 

Provide a brief explanation on how your selected trends will support and improve own work practices 

Establish and define your research objective – one (1) for each current trend 

Identify and list credible sources of data and evidence you will access as part of your 
research – ensure you include at minimum:
–  2 x web-based resources 

–  2 x research journals resources 

–  2 x Sources relevant to Early Childhood Education and Care. 

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Explain your planned systematic approach and methods to gathering information on your chosen topics. 

Commence gathering your information for each of your research topics and collate into a research portfolio. Your research portfolio is to demonstrate how you have organised and gathered your information.
Your research portfolio must include:

Content page 

Your research from your chosen sources from Task 1:
–  2 x web-based resources 

–  2 x research journals resources 

–  2 x Sources relevant to Early Childhood Education and Care 
Please ensure that your portfolio is clearly labelled and complied in a logical manner. 
When you have completed gathering your evidence reflect on how: 

Your chosen systematic approach and methods supported/ hindered you during your research 

You established relevance of information (source of information) (taking into considerations your objectives and work requirements) 

From your research and analysis of the information gathered for your two topics, provide a summary report of your research findings and within this report you must ensure you include and discuss the following:
In your introduction please include:
What topic you have chosen to research 

Why you have chosen to research this topic 

Explain where you gathered your information 

Explain what you have learnt from your research 

Body of your report needs to include how you; 

Prioritised which aspects of information to include in practice based on your need 

Assessed the relevance, reliability, strength and currency of the information against your 

Assessed the feasibility, benefits and risks associated with the practice. 

Carried out a comparison and contrast of different information sources
In conclusions to your report: 

Explain how you assessed ways in which different aspects of your research could be used 

Explain how you will use the information gathered from your research to identify potential 
areas for change in your current work practices. 

Explain issues with the new practices that may require further research or evaluation 

Further action to support the research outcomes 

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