CSR and Sustainability

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BUS513, CSR and Sustainability
Assessment Item Details
Media Analysis
Due date
Week 5
1000 words
Type of Collaboration
Assessment Description
Students will individually conduct a review of media (websites, blogs, television, print media, etc.) to determine how issues of CSR&S are characterised and analysed in the public domain. Issues that may be reviewed include the following:
1. Environmental sustainability: e.g., recycling, waste management, water management, renewable energy, reusable materials, ‘greener’ supply chains, reducing paper use, and building standards.
2. Community involvement: e.g., raising money for local charities, providing volunteers, sponsoring local events, employing local workers, supporting local economic growth, and engaging in fair trade practices.
3.Ethical business practices: e.g., ethical leadership, financial management, marketing, employee relations, and work health and safety.
Students provide a summary of the most import CSR&S topics in current media and the implications of this summary for business practice.
You are required to utilise a standard essay format with an introduction, body (analysis and examples) and conclusion.
NOTE: Refer to page two for the Scoring Rubric.
Marking Rubric for BUS513 Media Analysis:
FAIL 0-49%
PASS 50-64%
CREDIT 65-74%
Range and relevance of appropriate media resources identified and utilised. (5/20)
Little or no identification and utilization of relevant media resources.
Some identification and utilisation of relevant media resources.
Good identification and utilisation of relevant media resources.
Very good identification and utilisation of relevant media resources.
Excellent identification and utilisation of relevant media resources.
Depth of analysis, including the identification of trends and patterns in media data and articles. (10/20)
Largely lacking in analysis. Work reveals minimal awareness or capability to identify and communicate trends and patterns.
Limited analysis. Contradiction or confusion evident, regarding identification and communication of trends and patterns.
Solid analysis. Some awareness regarding trends and patterns that have emerged and may emerge.
High standard of analysis. Very good capacity in being able to identify and explain any trends or patterns that have occurred or may emerge.
Excellent standard of analysis. Excellent insights and effective communication of any trends or patterns that have occurred or may emerge.
Thoughtfulness and relevance of summary and implications for business. (5/20)
Poor logic or no attempt at clearly summarizing key CSR&S themes and implications for business practice.
A reasonable level of coherence in summary and implications, however some gaps or contradictions are apparent.
Logical, well explained summary and implications for business. The summary is coherent and relevant for business.
Sound and persuasive logic. High quality summary that is of value for business and well explained.
Very clear and relevant summary and implications for business. Trends, patterns are clearly identified, prioritised and explained.

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